About us


Absolute Comfort Travel is a privately owned company established in 2016 in Nairobi. It is aimed at providing excellent car hire as well as cab services to companies as well as private individuals. Our office is located at Hurlingham, Silverpool Office Suite – Jabavu Lane, Nairobi


  1. Customer Service Excellence: We are dedicated to satisfying customer needs and honoring commitments that we have made to them
  2. Team Work: Our team is supportive of each other’s efforts, loyal to one another and care for each other both personally and professionally
  3. Community and Environment: we strive to help and improve the communities where we work and live
  4. Integrity: we act with honesty and integrity, not compromising the truth
  5. Passion for results: we show pride, enthusiasm and dedication in everything that we do. We are committed to selling and delivering high quality products and services.
  6. Respect: we treat our team members, customers, partners and suppliers with mutual respect and sensitivity recognizing the importance of diversity. We respect all individuals and value their contributions.
  7. Open communication: All team members are encouraged to openly share their opinions and views.


  • We’re a young and fast growing company with a fleet of vehicles owned and leased, driven by competent and disciplined drivers
  • We refer our staff to recognized institutions for customer service training regularly
  • All our new employees must attend customer service training before commencing work
  • The drivers and our dispatch team have also undergone special training on how to handle clients who are physically challenged
  • Most of our vehicles are new and in good condition with functioning air conditioners
  • Our drivers and dispatchers work in shifts to ensure that they are fresh and sober for quality customer handling
  • Our office operates 24/7 to ensure efficient service delivery and to handle emergencies too

To enhance customer’s safety, excellent and timely services, the cars are fitted with:

Two way radio for effective communication

Vehicle tracking and monitoring devices. These enable us to monitor and manage the fleet from the control room at our offices to ensure the safety and convenience of our clients


Our charges / tariffs are customized depending on the client’s needs. We Kindly request you to provide or contact us with the areas of your travel zones, we will discuss and provide you with our rates. We believe you will find them competitive


We consider our staff to be the most important asset in the company. The high morale of our staff bears testimony to a personnel policy that intrinsically joins the company’s growth to the career and personal development on individual staff. In-house as well as external training is encouraged and fully company supported.

Employees integrity code of conduct and professional ethics are ingrained not only in our staff recruitment and engagements process but forms part and parcel of our everyday operations both within the company and in our engagement with other business stake holders.